The Othertide

by Foxquel Pope

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released September 5, 2014

Everything composed, performed, and recorded by Foxquel Pope (Scott).



all rights reserved


Foxquel Pope Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Tides
It feels like the tides have washed you away
and they have washed you away from me
and all of the words that I couldn't say
they have washed you away

and it's strange here in my time of change
after I pushed you away
and all of the words that we couldn't say
they have pushed us away

It feels like the tides have washed you away.
Track Name: Your Knives
I heard them in the grass today
'neath a bale of hay
while I ran away from me

and as I run away into the day
a voice inside my head begins to say
"show him your knives"

do you know the depths of pain?
the sunshine and the rain?
I wish that all away from you

and as I run away into the day
a voice inside my head begins to say
"show him your knives
let's make him sigh"
Track Name: To Reach The End
Stay in the daylight
much too cold outside in the night

and I hope you know that
that there's yet a ways to go
if we reach the end
to reach the end.
Track Name: The Only Ones
You and I are the only ones
who never made it to the sun
ain't it funny the way that time does go?

you and I
there was time
is that all the time that we have?

and I do want your love.
Track Name: Sunrise
Daylight hits my sleepy little eye
I've been up all night as I lay and lost my mind
waiting for the sun to come
and take me home

daylight hits my sleepy little eye
I've been up all night
losing my mind
waiting for a friend to call
but no one does
a friend to come
and take me home
Track Name: Can You Feel The Sun?
Can you feel the sun?
and is it everything that you want it to be?
shining down on us
not just on us but on everything

on everything I know
but I don't know this town anymore
don't think I know me anymore

and would you understand
that things just slip through my hands?
you just slipped from my hands

and I've been freaking out
wondering just who I am going to be
but can you feel the sun?

because I want to be someone
but I don't know what that is anymore
don't think I know me anymore
Track Name: The Owl And The Lake
Something in the shadow turns its beak towards me
I can't make out its feathers but its eyes I can see
I can feel them watching me
dark like the depths of the sea

the owl and the lake

there's a shaking in the shadows and there's blood on the bark
and I can barely make out my reflection in the dark of the lake
but I can see the moon and his eyes
seems to burn a hole through all my lies

so I take a plunge into the lake
to hide all of the shadows from my face
have you ever wanted something that was not yours to take?
have you ever loved someone like the owl loves the lake?
Track Name: Under The Stars
Calm down son, where you gonna run in your head?
is it cool, staying alone in bed?
I saw them flying in the sky

and I remember them flying
under the stars
where we lay
and it fades away

so when did you first stop believing that you were special?
when did you fall from that cliff so high?
when I left you there
with nothing to hold onto

don't lose the thing that you loved so much
and sadly, I know, I'm going out of touch
but I saw them in sky

lying there with nothing on but smiles and dirty hair
we stared deep into
each others eyes
you kissed me and said everything would be alright
it would all be OK

and by the time the moon
revolves around this sphere
on which we both reside
making the water rise
above the rocks on the mountain side
I'll see you there
on the othertide.